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Prof. dr Radojko Obradović

Personal Details

Born in Zemun, Belgrade, in 1966.
Speaks English and Russian.

Education & Professional Development

A civil engineer, graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Belgrade University (BU) in 1993, with a major in the Constructions;
Earned a Master of Science degree in 2010, having completed the post-graduate studies at the BU Faculty of Civil Engineering;
Received his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade University, in 2015. (PhD Thesis: Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Straw-Bale Applications in Construction);
Specific professional focus: public finance and public sector auditing;
Completed the School for State Auditors at the Serbian State Audit Institution (DRI) in 2013;
State Auditor (2015);
Professional Development Programs:
Enhanced professional knowledge of public finance and investment with the International Monetary Fund, the Joint Vienna Institute and the World Bank;
The Financial Markets Course, Yale USA (Professor Robert J. Shiller, 2014);
Completed a number of courses, attended seminars and professional programs in various relevant fields.

Professional Experience

Construction Industry (1993-2019)

Designed, completed or/and supervised 500 different structures in more than 20 states (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Romania, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Peru, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Italy, China, Sri Lanka, etc.)
Major structural projects: the Bajina Bašta concrete dam rehabilitation; Belgrade’s Vukov Spomenik underground station; a water purification plant in Yaroslavl, Russia; the National Bank or Russia building, Kazan, Russia; an antenna structure on the Jagodnja Mt.; a shopping mall in Nušićeva Street, Belgrade; the Makiš water purification facility; the Dom Košarke basketball hall, Belgrade; the Bajina Bašta Sports Center rehabilitation works; a number of residential and commercial properties, bridges; the Zemun-Borča city road (a road bridge included); Corridor XI (sections: Surčin-Obrenovac, Obrenovac-Ub, Lajkovac-Ljig, Ljig Preljina, Preljina-Požega); the Morava Corridor (the section from Pojate to Preljina); the Novi Sad-Ruma highway route; the Belgrade-Budapest high-speed rail line project.
1994 – 1995 Supervising Engineer, “Yaroslavl” water purification plant, Yaroslavl, Russia (the construction project cost - close to $50,000,000);
1995 – 1997 Technical Director, National Bank of Russia, Kazan and Almetjevsk, Russia (the construction project cost - $25,000,000);
2001 – 2002 Deputy Chair of the Serbian Review Committee (a professional committee to revise the projects of major importance for the Republic of Serbia);
2001-2002 Deputy Chair of the Licensing Committee (a professional committee licensing construction firms);
2004 – 2005 A member of the Planning Committee of the Belgrade City Assembly;
A member of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers
A member of the Chamber’s Management Board (2014- 2019)
President of the Serbian Review Committee (2015-2018 )
A member of the Executive Committee in charge of finalizing the construction of the St. Sava Church in Belgrade (2016- )
A member of the Institute for Standardization of Serbia (ISS), the Standards Committee (2016- )
University: Teaching & Research (1993 – 2019)

Teaching at the Belgrade University (BU) Faculties of Civil Engineering and Architecture for more than 25 years;
List of subjects: Concrete Structures; Concrete Bridges; Engineering Statics; Mechanics and Seismics.
Teaching a Ph.D. course at the Faculty of Architecture and Construction, the University of Nis: Optimization of Spatial Assemblies and Structures
Teaching a Master’s Degree course at the UGD Polytechnic Faculty in Podgorica: Dynamics of Structures and Seismic Engineering.
Authored a great number of research papers, published in peer-reviewed journals and presented to international construction- and finance-related professional conferences.

Involvement in State Institutions, Companies, International Organizations

2001 – A deputy to the Minister of Construction and Urban Planning
2004, 2007, 2008, 2014 – Member of Parliament, Republic of Serbia; served three terms as a Deputy Speaker;
Parliamentary Offices:
2004 – Chair of the Committee on Construction and Urban Planning;
2007 – Chair of the Committee on Economy
2008 – 2012 – Deputy Chair of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs
2004, 2007, 2012 – Deputy Chair of the Committee on Finance; elected to the finance committee four times;
A member of several parliamentary committees and working groups;
2012 - A member of the Serbian parliamentary delegation to the Council of Europe;
2006- 2012 – A member of the delegation to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly;
2004 – 2014 – A member of the World Bank/IMF Parliamentary Network;
Sponsored a great number of laws and other regulations that were passed eventually;
Authored and sponsored the State Audit Institution Act;
2006 - Participated in drafting the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia.

Government Offices:

2001 – 2002 – A member of the Management Board of the Serbian Building Directorate;
2001 – 2002 – A member of the Board of Directors of the Transportation Institute CIP;
2001 – 2002 – A member of the Council of the Directorate for the Reconstruction and Development of Kolubara Region;
2002 – 2003 – A member of the Belgrade Urban Planning Institute’s steering committee;
2004 – A member of the Board of Directors of the national power utility Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS);
2004 – 2009 – A member of Telecom Board of Directors;
2005 – 2008 – A member of the Assembly of the national oil corporation Naftna Industrija Srbije (NIS);
2005 – 2006 – A member of the steering committee of the Serbia and Montenegro Accreditting Agency;
Director of the Public Finance Institute (2014-)2019;
Consultant, USAID;
Consultant, UNDP;
Consultant, Westminster Foundation for Democracy ;
Consultant, SIGMA ;
Worl Bank.

Confrenece and Journal papers:

1. Obradović, R.,& Pamučar, D.. (2020). Multi-Criteria Model for the Selection of Construction Materials: An Approach Based on Fuzzy Logic. in Tehnicki vjesnik - Technical gazette
Slavonski Brod : Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Slavonski Brod., 27(5), 1531-1543.

2. Pamučar, D., Badi, I., Korica, S.,& Obradović, R.. (2018). A Novel Approach for the Selection of Power-Generation Technology Using a Linguistic Neutrosophic CODAS Method: A Case Study in Libya. in Energies
MDPI AG., 11(9).

3. Pamučar, D., Mihajlović, M., Obradović, R.,& Atanasković, P.. (2017). Novel approach to group multi-criteria decision making based on interval rough numbers: Hybrid DEMATEL-ANP-MAIRCA model. in Expert systems with applications
Elsevier Ltd., 88, 58-80.

4. Grbić, M., Glišić, M.,& Obradović, R.. (2016). Recycled pet ((Poly) ethylene-terephthalate) used as straps for rebar binding. in Facta universitatis - series: Architecture and Civil Engineering
Univerzitet u Nišu, Niš., 14(3), 319-329.
5. Vasiljević-Tomić, D.,& Obradović, R.. (2015). Arcitecture: Inclusive culture: Protection of persons with disabilities. in Facta universitatis - series: Architecture and Civil Engineering
Univerzitet u Nišu, Niš., 13(1), 47-56.
6. Vasiljevic Tomic, D.,& Obradović, R.. (2014). Protection of person whit disabilities: implementation of accessibility standards. in Places and Technologies 2014 [Elektronski izvor] : keeping up with technologies to improve places : conference proceedings : 1st international academic conference, Belgrade, 3-4. April 2014
Belgrade : Faculty of Architecture., 160-166.
dr Radojko Obradović
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